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On March 15, is the international consumer rights and interests safeguard date, it makes clear consumer's legitimate rights and interests to the world to be sacred and to be inviolable.

The quality is 315 consumer rights and interests date invariable eternal subject. ButFoshan South China Sea areaTaihe sanitary equipment Limited companyFulfils exactly the ISO9001 international quality system in the production control's process, in domestic regards the Japanese Toyota control model, and has the honor to receive CE, ETL, CUPC successively and so on international certification certificate, takes the lead on the production technology and the device to quote Germany technique of production, enables the product quality to obtain the domestic and foreign colleagues and consumer's authorization.

About product

Sintai and product overall superiority:

1st, technical superiority:Product design principles of design and so on union esthetics, human body engineering, hydromechanics, structure mechanics, contain the floor, the human walk the position highly, take user-friendly factors and so on custom to design, guarantee in the profession the leading position. Has in the profession the strong research and development team, has the vertical production system, implements 100% products from the production rate.

2nd, quality superiority:Has the consummation quality assurance system and the complete check-out facility, the production process through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, related product through secure certification, percentage of products sent back for repair for domestic same scale brand in lowest.

3rd, price superiority:With the same scale, the same material quality's product compares, while has international quality, actually has the obvious price superiority.

4th, series superiority:The series multiplication, and holds the stable product system, during adaptation different market various requirement's, insisted that the original style eagerly anticipates the tidal current, and insisted that makes “the overall health bath” the paradigm.

About service

Sintai and Wei Yu consummate pre-sale, sells, the post-sale service system

Sintai and the health bath implement “the entire journey not to have the barrier” the service model, so-called “entire journey”, including from enters shop originally, the product manufacturing, the quality testing packing, to product leaving the plant, the before-sales service, sells serves, the post-sale service and so on. So-called “does not have the barrier”, is an invisible green passage, passes through in the production operation entire process not a link, all work take service as a core!Sintai and the service pledged that “in 2 hours reply, in 48 hours solve”.

Sintai and insisted throughout that your satisfaction is we biggest pursue!

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