[Sintai and company]Humid weather clothes difficult to do how broken? Sintai and the health bath kibitz!

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The last second also bathes under the spring warm sunlight, “whiz”, the God turned hostile. The rain continuous weather has come, the weather was such moist, has washed clothes cannot do, but also has been able to float goes out?

Do not seize urgent, slightly arranges kibitzs to you! According to under random one move, wraps you to float the emersion gate, henceforth, mother does not need to worry that again my wet day does not have clothes to put on!

Does the towel absorbing water law

   Binds on the wet clothing does the towel together, and does the clothing the towel also to curl up, the effort twists the drop not water leakage. Such towel very will quickly attract the moisture content, avoids the moisture content which will twist by the clothing absorbing once more, enhances the dehydrated effect.

Refrigerator refrigeration

   Washes flings does (wrings out with every effort) clothes, folds, wraps with the towel, then places in refrigerator's refrigerating room the frozen 7, 8 hours later takes out, launches, dries in the sun outside or in the balcony, like this dries in the sun clothes will do quickly will not have the stale taste, the stink. However under some cotton material quite good clothing must consider to this method.

Black bag heat absorption law

(Or cuts with the clean large size black garbage bag with the black cotton fabric covers clothing's size sufficiently, clamps with the clip, hung in has the light and the well ventilated place is good. The black can absorb the quantity of heat and the ultraviolet ray, and has the sterilization function, air-dries compared to the nature does quickly, the especially qualify dries in the sun clothes in the cloudy rainy day to use.

Clothes rack curving method

Is forward curving the iron wire clothes rack both sides 1/3 effort, the clothes rack turns three-dimensionally, when air-dries clothes, first, the back will not post in the same place, clothing's inside ventilates the time which may reduce greatly air-dries, the cloudy rainy day will dry in the sun clothes to be possible to air dry fast. Adds the clothing inside air transport to be possible to speed up the clothing to air dry. For example clamps the area big bedding bag and the blanket the wave shape to air-dry, turns the pants pocket exposes to the sun, grips with many clips the waist to cause the pants leg midheaven and so on.

Electric appliance exothermic method

If is sock such light casting, may place on the monitor which uses to dry. However this picture a little does not endure to look straight ahead ......

The electric drier does the clothes law

This law quite suitable light casting clothing. And so on puts in the dry plastic bag the sock, squeezes in the electric drier port the bag mouth to get hold of again. Turns on the electric drier to waft the hot blast toward inside, because the steam loops in the bag, therefore the clothing can speed up the drying up the speed. Needs to note, the electric drier blows a meeting to stop a meeting, avoids in the bag overheated.

Irons burns

The wet clothes iron do are the most direct method, but uses to iron the clothes board to result in the notice should better in a clothing top head block cloth by against clothing damage. If thinks troublesome, hangs burns computer is also the good selection.


This method is slightly luxurious, buys a clothing dryer. Needs to note is when the use the human do not want to leave, uses electricity securely is very important.

   What kind of? These small know-how you Get?

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